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Helping you harness the power to navigate life's challenges and grow from them 

A safe way to explore emotions, relationships, and opportunities for growth, connection and well-being
Jackie Lohan, Professional Life Coach NLP Master Practitioner,
Equine Assisted Coach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a safe journey of self discovery that opens the mind to new perspectives, explores the “thinking” changes you can integrate to make your world a more comfortable place and helps connect you with the courage and motivation to move forward.

HearU Coaching focuses on:

  • Self Identity and personal growth

  • Emotional wellness

  • Relationship rehabilitation

  • Family dynamics

  • Purpose and Direction

The professional coaching work I do is mainly with clients who show up with a sense that they are: 

  • Struggling to use their voice and say what they want.

  • Confused around their identity and where they feel they belong.

  • Sensing “something” is stopping them from achieving their goals and don’t understand why.

  • Going through life transitions and struggling to adapt.

  • Experiencing stress and/or overwhelm and finding it difficult to think.

  • Lost or lonely and finding it challenging to ‘fit in’.

  • Believe they should go one way but want to go the other.

  • In dysfunctional relationships that they want to fix or finish and don’t know how.

  • Dogged by fear around making a change.

  • Finding it difficult to cope in the family dynamic.

  • Wanting a safe space in which to express themselves without judgment as they navigate their challenges.

My life coaching ethos:

Being heard, having a clear sense of “self”, belonging and feeling safe are all human needs which when in anyway constricted, can lead to overwhelm, negativity, giving up, and some form of continued suffering.  Solutions can seem like an impossibility.  Moving forward can seem like wading through quick sand. Achieving goals can seem dependent on what needs to change outside of you. Whatever you say can seem to be falling on deaf ears leading to frustration. Emotions can seem to be ‘out of control.’ Relationships can seem ‘unfixable’ and a life of ‘purpose’ can seem elusive.
All that seems to get in the way can seem a lot easier when integrated with new learning and seen from new perspectives.  That’s the work.  Yours to do and mine to guide you on as you do it.


“Our problems are often related to how we think about what’s causing them.”  

- Jackie Lohan

My role

My role is to guide you into finding the solutions that are already within you and help you develop the courage and confidence you might need to progress them.

My approach

One approach does not fit all and that is why I offer a number of different ways in which to connect with you and help you identify with the underlying issues that have managed to get in the way of how you want to show up, live and relate from within the comfort of your own skin.  

No one individual or situation is the same and my role is to fully meet you where you are at and help you identify and change what is not working for you in any set of circumstances be it what you believe about yourself, how you communicate your needs, and what you can do about it in order to feel more complete and resourceful going forward.

Where would you like to be coached?

Are you an indoor or outdoor person?


HearU coaching is not limited to the norm of an indoor environment where client and coach sit together to explore.If that is how you would like to progress then all well and good, the fire will be lit!


If, however, you are the type of person who feels more comfortable on your feet and moving, then let’s take your work to the big outdoors and see what metaphors for learning that nature can throw your way.  


A third alternative is the online approach if distance or time have to be factored in.  

It is your choice and coaching programmes can incorporate the combination of all coaching modalities.

How could you benefit from HearU Coaching?

To put it into a few words, the aim of this work is to help you gain more: 

  • self-awareness 

  • clarity 

  • courage  

  • positive energy

  • flexibility 

  • accountability

So you can enjoy a more connected and authentic life.

Image by Myles Tan

“I took a walk in the woods and came out feeling taller than the trees.” 

-Henry David Thoreau

​How is HearU Coaching Structured?

Stage 1: Complimentary 30 Minute Online Consultation (by appointment).

The first step is to ensure that all my clients are comfortable with me as a person and professional.  It is important too to establish that Life Coaching is right for you and I can offer you what you seek within my process.

Stage 2: The Journey Begins

  1. Commitment, Goal Setting and Focus

  2. Recommendation of specific programme for you

  3. Post session feedback to check in on progress

  4. Action planning

  5. Accountability

To clients who are committed to the process of self-development, I normally propose a programme of 4-6 coaching sessions tailored very specifically to their needs and goals. I only work with 10 clients at a time to ensure they get the best of the energy I can bring.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.”

- Carl Jung


I sought out Jackie’s expertise because I needed help to guide myself in both my personal and professional life. I felt “all over the place” and didn’t know which direction to take. Jackie skilfully helped me hone in first on what I actually wanted out of my life both personally and professionally and then guided me on how I could achieve these goals. Jackie is a master communicator which also taught me how to develop my inter personal skills and to be mindful of the language I use with others but perhaps even more importantly the language I use to and about myself. The sessions I had were eye opening and deeply personal. If you’re looking for life coaching artfully delivered look no further.

When I coach I listen intently to you and I will reflect back all that I notice, beyond words so you can hear yourself and decide what is important, useful and true about who you are and where you want to go on your journey.

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Investing in yourself 

  • 30 mins consultation free of charge (this is not a coaching session)

  • Single sessions: 1 hour session (including written feedback) €80*

  • Programme of 6 x 1 hour sessions (including programme delivery & written feedback) €400

* All coaching sessions must be paid in advance at time of booking. 24 hour cancelation rules apply.
** Within the pricing of a programme you are being offered a discount of €80.  To avail of this discount coaching sessions must be within 10 days of each other, with 6th one being free of charge.

Take action now!

If you think you could benefit from some non-judgmental, safe and focused exploration to help break free from feeling stuck in your life, complete the feedback form for your complimentary 30 min consultation on my Contact page.  We can take it from there.


"If you’re looking for life coaching artfully delivered look no further"

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