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My Story

As a fellow human being, I know only too well how challenging it is to navigate feelings and beliefs about one’s own situations as they creep up to test us on life’s journey,  especially when the tools to cope or understand elude us.  It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I acknowledged that something was amiss in my own life.  

For years I played a role to portray myself as a fully functional and fulfilled person and hid behind that mask quite successfully, a woman, a worker, a wife a mother, a daughter a friend.  While I managed to fool everyone else that everything was perfect, it got to the point I could no longer fool myself.  Life just didn’t seem right, I wasn’t happy, I worried about the future, life at home started to get really messy my body was screaming at me to do something. That’s when I set about exploring and learning about where and why I wasn’t fitting into my own story.


Once on that path I won’t pretend it was always easy because it meant changing some of the ways I processed, communicated and connected with what was going on inside and outside of me.  Then people around me started to notice how I was changing.  Not everyone liked it but I knew that the work I was doing was leading me back to a place where I felt whole and capable of living more authentically with who I really am.   
The process led me to where I am now, still developing, still facing the challenges (because there are so many things we cannot control), but so much more mindful of how to stay on an even keel and begin to properly serve.

Everyone should know this stuff!

As these things go … one thing leads to another. My own learning set me onto a journey of formal training  in order to equip others with the transformational tools I have learned.  See section on Qualifications and Experience.


For eight years my focus was on teenage years and family dynamics working mainly with struggling teens and parents under the name Teenacity.  Since 2018 I have expanded my knowledge to address issues that arise in adult life, transitions, and purpose.


On the way I also discovered the magic of integrating horses into my coaching practice, so as well as becoming a certified coach and Master of Neurolinguistics I have also completed training in Equine Assisted Coaching, which I will be integrating into my portfolio of coaching options in early 2023.  My dream is ever expanding. My purpose and passion is clear. 

I am committed to continuously keeping abreast of the new ideas, research and learning emerging in order to continue my own development and enrich my offering to clients.


Special interests and learning

Continuous Professional Development Courses and Interests:

Full Professional Certifications:

2010 NLP Master Practitioner. Motivation Training

2012 Mindful Hypnotherapy.  Igor Ledowchowski

2014 ICF Professional Life Coaching. L.I.T 

2018 Equine Assisted Coaching Master. EICCE

2019 Natural Horsemanship. Lucy Rees


Human Psychology

Attachment Theory

The power of Metaphor

Child/Adolescent Development

Language and the Nervous System

Learning Styles

Energy and non verbal communication

Personality Types

Emotional Freedom Technique

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The breath and emotional modulation

Hierarchy of Human Needs

PTSD and the Vagal Nerve Theory

brown and black butterfly perched on white flower in close up photography during daytime_e

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” 

-Dean Jackson

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